Have you been watching Shark Tank lately while racking your brain for an entrepreneurial idea that can make a difference in society?

We Welcome You To This Summit!

Are you someone who struggles to speak about their ideas because of the fear of judgment, or someone who is struggling with a lack of planning?

Do you think you'd be better at talking about problems and the solutions you have come up with if you were just a tad bit more confident?

Have you structured your ideas and learned how early stages of entrepreneurship work?

We, at CIIE, are here to turn your vision into value, to make you believe in your ideas, and to make sure you get the right exposure to better your skills.

We work to get you the best mentors, the best environment for pitching your ideas, and the best path to explore your caliber to its fullest.

We present you a chance to Earn if you choose to Learn

  • Get trained not only to present your solution to a problem but also stand a chance to bag some crazy cash!
  • Come up with your idea (your secret sauce) and we'll help you present to your desired audience.

Last date to register

March 16th, 2022. Register NOW!
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18th March

If you don't have a predefined problem, just ask in the Google Form, we'll provide a pool of problems!

19th March

Guest lecture by our esteemed Alumni members on how to choose your problem and present it to your audience

20th March

Implementation of your solution to the problem and playing with words to come up with your perfect pitch

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You can now focus on how to bring about a difference in society or make it to Shark Tank as everything else you need to learn will be taught.
Take the first step towards realizing your dreams.
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