We Welcome You To StartUp Launchpad

What Is StartUp Launchpad?

A Cohort based workshops and events organized by the Center for Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurship ( CIIE ). We help aspiring student founders build best products with great investments.

Central-Hub For Startups

We’ve got you covered from Ideas to Executions, Pitch to Investments, MVP to Your First Paying Customer. We are the startup launchpad. This is your chance to get creative. We are here to turn your vision into value


Here is what you can gain from us:

  • We provide you with all the tools and resources to build your idea
  • A community of vibrant entrepreneurs to learn from and grow with
  • Direct Access to Our Esteemed Alumni Network

And… So much more

Launchpad Timeline:

Here is the timeline of all the events and workshops in order where you get to learn and build simultaneously.

June 7th to 15th:

Registration commences

Students are free to register for the event and the application doors will be closed on june 15th, this is your chance to register and save your spot. Fill out the registration form and answer all the questions and you’re good to go ;)

June 17th

Ideation workshop

To bring out that spark in potential individuals struggling to find an idea to build their business around, we are conducting an ideation workshop to help you discover the problem you are passionate about and find a solution for.

June 22nd


This is where we Onboard the members for this Cohort and introduce them to their respective mentors who will guide them in this journey.

June 25th

Idea validation and user research

A workshop on Idea Validation and User Research( you don’t want to miss this! ), because research matters, learn everything about user needs and interactions with a product that will help you make informed decisions at a lightning fast speed.

June 28th

Building your MVP

In this phase of your journey you’ll be getting training and hands on session with a workshop about validating your business idea and building your first MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) with the core functionalities and important, minimum features to rest how a target audience would respond and acquire your first paying customer with unique sales and marketing strategies.

July 1st

Sales & Marketing

This is where you will learn how to use all the tools and tactics to get your first paying customer with a unique workshop on sales, marketing and early customer acquisition.

July 2nd

Pitch your idea

This is where we host a workshop to train you on how to pitch your idea to potential investors and customers and to also present your business for further expansions.

Hear out what our previous bootcamp cohort-1 participants have to say:

Bella charge :

" My startup is about powering EV vehicles in a cost effective manner. When I first got this idea, I was clueless on what to do or how to proceed, luckily at the right moment, ciie conducted bootcamp cohort-1 and guided me all way long and now I have my own product with initial funding in hand and gained a lot of confidence to proceed forward. Thank you ciie for believing in me and hope to succeed in my startup".

Nexter :

" Our team name is Nexter, where we use blockchain to integrate small lands to implement scientific farming. At first we only had an idea. Through cohort -1 , Ciie helped us getting a mentor and she played a major role throughout the bootcamp. They introduced to us the Stratup culture and how it's done from idea to product. I am glad that I attended the workshop and be able to continue with our startup. Thank you CIIE"

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1) How will the workshop help you?

A : This workshop mainly focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs map out the right path to turn their ideas into products. We help you with building your products, establish a brand for your ideas, and lastly to get investments. CIIE will also help you with building contacts and establishing a strong network to promote your startup.

2) Is CIIE only limited to helping you network and build a community?

A : No, we here at CIIE believe that a complete package of entrepreneurial skills is what will make you and your ideas stand out, and we are here to help with all of that! From our workshops to seminars, from meeting successful entrepreneurs to pitching competitions, it all boils down to upskilling you for the competitive entrepreneurial world.

3) What other workshops does CIIE plan on conducting in the near future?

A : Just like StartUp Launchpad, CIIE has numerous interesting events to educate the entrepreneur in you. One of the most popular events CIIE hosts is the yearly BootCamps that helps kickstart that one best idea presented by the participants by guiding and funding them. Idea Summit was such another event that helped aspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to pitch. CIIE has planned many more events that are just as nerve wracking, and for that stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter now!